Feed the Future Innovation Lab For Livestock Systems

Call for Grant Applications. The Feed the Future Innovation Lab for Livestock Systems Funding opportunity(LSIL) is based at the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences<http://ifas.ufl.edu/> at the University of Florida, and it works in partnership with the International Livestock Research Institute<http://www.ilri.org/> (ILRI). The LSIL is funded by the United States Agency for International Development (USAID) through a five-year Leader with Associates Cooperative Agreement Award No. AID-OAA-L-15-00003.

The overall aim of the LSIL is to enhance the production, marketing and consumption of animal source foods (ASF) in the target countries in order to increase the incomes, livelihoods, nutrition, and health of households, especially those of vulnerable women and children. This will be achieved by introducing new location-appropriate technologies, by improving management practices, skills, knowledge, capacity and access to and quality of inputs across livestock value chains, and by supporting the development of a policy environment that fosters sustainable intensification and increased profitability of smallholder livestock systems.

The target country for this Request for Applications (RFA) is Cambodia.

The LSIL will draw on the expertise of Cambodian, U.S. and foreign universities, institutes and organizations through competitively-funded multi-disciplinary, integrated and applied research and capacity-building projects. The competitive subaward projects will address country-specific research and capacity building priorities that were developed in a participatory manner with key local and national stakeholders in Cambodia.

Types of Grants

The following types of grants will be funded:

  1. Reach Grants: These are longer term large grants with a project period of up to 3,5 years starting in March 2017 and a budget of up to $850,000.
  1. Focus Grants: These are smaller grants for proof of concept studies or research for development bridging studies providing immediate or near-term (within one year) impact. These projects will last for 3 months to 1 year and will have budgets of up to $100,000.

Request for Applications

Please click on the following link for the RFA and supporting documents: http://blogs.ifas.ufl.edu/livestocksystems/funding-opportunities/<http://livestocklab.ifas.ufl.edu/>

Important Dates

Release date Nov. 7, 2016

Deadline for submission of written questions

Nov. 16, 2016

Date for posting of responses to written questions

Nov. 18, 2016

Webinar to discuss additional questions

Nov. 22, 2016

Deadline for submission of Reach grant concept notes

Dec. 12, 2017

Deadline for submission of selected Reach grant concept notes as full proposals

Feb. 3, 2017

Deadline for submission of Focus grant proposals

Jan. 13, 2017

Submission Guidelines

All Concept Notes and Full Proposals must be submitted via the Piestar proposal system at https://proposals.piestar.com/login.  You will need to create an account at https://proposals.piestar.com/opportunities/livestock and follow the detailed submission instructions. If you have technical difficulties with submission click on “Help.”

Contact Information

To contact LSIL, please send an email to livestock-lab@ufl.edu<mailto:livestock-lab@ufl.edu>

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