Before Harvest Plan for Stored Grain Insect Management

A series of videos by national experts is available online that reviews stored grain insect pest management options.

Stored grain insect management videos

Stored Grain Integrated Pest Management in the North Central United States.

Presenters: Dr. Tom Phillips, Kansas State University, Manhattan KS; Dr. Frank Arthur, USDA-ARS, Manhattan KS; Dr. Linda Mason, Purdue University, West Lafayette IN.

Part 1. Pest Insect Biology and Identification Basics of Integrated Pest Management–IPM
Part 2. Pest Prevention
Part 3. IPM for Stored Corn
Part 4. Fumigation–Decisive control … when needed

This webinar was organized by Dr. Sarah Zukoff, Kansas State University, Garden City KS and Dr. Robert Wright, University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Funding for this webinar was provided by USDA-NIFA through grants to the North Central Integrated Pest Management Center (2012-51120-20252 and 2011-51120-31160).


About Robert Wright

Robert Wright is a Professor and Extension Entomologist at University of Nebraska-Lincoln. You can reach him by email at Follow him on Twitter @BobWrightUNL
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