Soybean rust confirmed in Kentucky, Illinois, Arkansas and more

USDA Soybean Rust website announces soybean rust has been updated on the website.

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United States Soybean Rust Commentary (updated: 09/23/16)
In recent days soybean rust has been confirmed for the first time this season in Kentucky, Illinois, and Arkansas. In addition, in one additional county in Tennessee and another county in South Carolina have reported rust. Soybean rust has also been reported from 16 additional counties in Mississippi and one in Georgia.

SBR has been observed in 200 counties/parishes in the USA in 2016 including 80 counties in Mississippi, 37 counties in Alabama, 25 counties in Florida, 23 parishes in Louisiana, 23 counties in Georgia,4 counties in Texas, 3 in South Carolina, 2 in Tennessee, and one county each in Arkansas, Kentucky, and Illinois.

SBR was confirmed in 200 counties in the U.S. during 2015.

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