New publications on hail damage affecting yield in corn, soybeans released

The Integrated Pest Management department of Iowa State University Extension and Outreach is making available for free download two of the outputs from a project funded by a grant from the North Central Integrated Pest Management Center (NCIPMC). These PDF extension publications are available for download at: and a printed copy will also be available for a reasonable amount.

Hail on Corn in Iowa:

Hail on Soybean in Iowa:

Two research publications also resulted from this project:

Sisson, A.J., Kandel, Y.R., Robertson, A.E., Hart, C.E., Asmus, A., Wiggs, S.N., and Mueller, D.S. 2016. Effect of foliar fungicides on hail-damaged corn. Plant Health Progress 17:6-12. doi:10.1094/PHP-RS-15-0046.


Sisson, A.J., Kandel, Y.R., Hart, C.E., Asmus, A., Wiggs, S.N., and Mueller, D.S. 2016. Effect of foliar fungicide and insecticide on hail-damaged soybean. Plant Health Progress 17:141-148. doi: 10.1094/PHP-RS-16-0012.

Information from this study was made available through news releases, a presentation, and videos:

Sisson, A., Mueller, D., and Robertson, A. 2015. Hail and Fungicide Use on Corn. Integrated Crop Management News. Online:

Sisson, A. and Mueller, D. 2013. Hail and Fungicides Update 2013. Integrated Crop Management News. Online:

Pierson, W., Sisson, A., Mueller, D., and Robertson, A. 2014. Fine-tuning fungicide decisions in Iowa. Proceedings of the 26th Annual Integrated Crop Management Conference. Ames, IA. December 3-4, 2014

A video was developed from this project and used for Pesticide Training in Iowa, and was viewed more than 2,600 times:

The project promoted via another video developed by the Iowa State news service:


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