Reducing disinfectant exposures in occupational settings – a video by the National Pesticide Information Center

The National Pesticide Information Center recently developed a video, Reducing Disinfectant Exposures in Occupational Settings.

The video provides important safety and risk management information for professionals who use antimicrobial products in the workplace, including teachers and nurses. The video was developed and produced as a short training video and run time is just over 22 minutes. The video details several important topics, pertaining to the use of disinfectants:

*Classifying antimicrobials as pesticides and the definition of a pesticide.
*History of occupational exposures to antimicrobials.
*Common factors that lead to pesticide exposures in the workplace.
*Health risks associated with a few of the most commonly used disinfectant chemicals.
*Concrete steps users can take to mitigate these risks.

You can find Reducing Disinfectant Exposures in Occupational Settings on NPIC’s YouTube channel .

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