Midwest Invasive Plant Network Seeking Coordinator

The Midwest Invasive Plant Network Seeking Coordinator


POSITION:                                                   Midwest Invasive Plant Network Coordinator
LOCATION:                                                  Lisle, IL
EFFORT:                                                       75-100% 


The Midwest Invasive Plant Network’s (MIPN) mission is to reduce the impact of invasive plant species in the Midwest. This position (MIPN Coordinator) will be responsible for facilitating the activities of MIPN with support from the board of directors. Activities will include providing leadership in developing programs, obtaining funding, facilitating information development and exchange, and coordinating regional efforts that minimize the impact invasive plants have on Midwest region’s economy, environment, and human health and other activities required to maintain the functionality of MIPN. The Coordinator will work closely with the MIPN Board of Directors to ensure short and long-term goals are achieved. The Coordinator also will work with public and private agencies, conservation groups, scientists, green industry, land managers, and landowners to advance MIPN and reduce the threat of invasive plant species to conservation targets in the Midwest.


  • Bachelor’s degree in biology or related discipline, Master’s degree preferred. Experience with not for profit administration preferred.
  • Working knowledge of invasive species prevention, early detection, containment, and control techniques and an in-depth understanding of the ecological impacts of invasive plants.
  • Experience in grant writing or other fund raising activities.
  • Excellent written and oral communication and presentation skills to a wide audience including donors, agency staff, and the public.
  • Effectiveness in working with diverse groups with varying goals.


  • Communication:
  • Effectively represent MIPN to the general public, elected and other governmental officials, industry, donors, media and other individuals and organizations.
  • Ensure all methods of communication (e.g. website, listserv) are kept current. Provide regular updates to MIPN members via a periodic newsletter.
  • Develop and maintain social media to promote MIPN and its activities.
  • Develop partnerships with state, federal, and NGO initiatives in order to forward the goals of MIPN.
  • Fundraising:
  • Organize agreements and write grants that support the MIPN Coordinator salary as well as those of any future MIPN staff and associated activities.
  • Develop and launch other fundraising activities to fund MIPN activities as needed.
  • Project Management:
  • Meet deliverables of agreements/grants and other activities in a timely fashion.
  • With assistance of the MIPN board of directors, implement and update MIPN’s strategic plan.
  • Other duties as assigned by the Board of Directors.
  • Education:
  • Develop, produce, and disseminate educational materials focused on invasive plant species in the Midwest.
  • Coordinate/Develop MIPN conferences with stakeholder groups (at least one annually).
  • Support the development and growth of Cooperative Weed/Invasive Species Management Areas in the Midwestern United States.


  • Ability to motivate, lead, set objectives, and manage a regional not for profit organization with ongoing and new projects that align with MIPN’s program goals.
  • Effectively communicate MIPN’s mission and activities to a broad audience both orally and written.
  • Current knowledge of invasive species biology, policy and management.
  • Demonstrated experience in MS Office.


  • Resolve complex issues independently within program area. Experiment to find creative solutions.
  • Design, implement, and direct multiple projects, setting deadlines and ensuring program accountability.
  • Negotiate complex high profile or sensitive agreements.


  • Make sound decisions based on analysis, experience, and judgement.
  • Act independently within broad program goals.


  • Serve as a team leader for MIPN; coordinate efforts with collaborators when appropriate.
  • Obtain funding to support Coordinator salary, salary of staff, and funds associated with MIPN.


  • Ability to persuasively convey the mission of MIPN to diverse groups including donors, board members, the public and others. Communicate strategic project goals and objectives.
  • Work in partnership with other organizations in a collaborative or advisory role.
  • Prepare and present project proposals and results.


  • Ability to work effectively under pressure and meet deadlines.
  • Ability to work an irregular schedule including weekends and periodic travel within the region.
  • Location is at The Morton Arboretum near Chicago, IL

 This is a contracted position thru MIPN, but located in offices at The Morton Arboretum. Funding is “in hand” for one year of contract, but this position requires successful acquisition of funding through grants, agreements, etc., to secure position beyond one year. Compensation will be based on experience.

To Apply, Send Cover Letter, Resume, and three work related references to MIPN@mortonarb.org. All applicants will be reviewed starting June 13, 2016, and the position will remain open until filled.



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