Videos of spotted wing drosophila now available online

From IPM in the South by Rosemary Hallberg Spotted Wing Drosophila

North Carolina State University Extension entomologist Hannah Burrack, along with Vaughn Walton from Oregon State University, Rodriguez-Saona Cesar from Rutgers University, and Rufus Isaacs from Michigan State University conducted three webinars on spotted wing drosophila (SWD) management for members of the Plant Health Division of the Department of Agriculture in Peru. Because SWD had not yet been detected in Peru, these webinars covered all of the basic information, including the biology, symptoms of infection, current management techniques, and management models.

While the information in these videos is valuable for growers, the videos are geared toward Extension and Department of Agriculture personnel, and crop consultants.

The webinars were conducted in English with alternating Spanish translation. They were recorded in Blackboard Collaborate, but the webinar main page will guide you through downloading the software. Click on the titles to go to the videos.

Webinar 1: SWD population modelling (Vaughn): includes information on the biology, current management, biocontrol options and population models.

Webinar 2: Pros and cons of current SWD monitoring tools (Cesar): this video is in Spanish and compares positives and negatives of current SWD monitoring tools. This video is also in MP3 format.

Webinar 3: Management and monitoring tools (Burrack and Isaacs): includes crop hosts as well as non-crop hosts for SWD.

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