Seeking Indeterminate Research scientist for Centre for Vector Borne Diseases

The CFIA Lethbridge Laboratory is in the process of establishing a Centre for Vector Borne Diseases and we are looking for potential candidates with relevant expertise to recruit for the centre. Job Opportunity

Indeterminate Research scientist

Candidates must have graduated with an acceptable doctoral degree (Ph.D) in the field of biology, microbiology, or other related biological sciences from a recognized university.

  1. Experience in scientific research relating to ecology, vectors and their competence.
  2. Experience in scientific research relating to molecular biology and/or genomics of vectors and vector borne disease agents or a relevant field.
  3. Experience in scientific research relating to the development and validation of diagnostic tests.
  4. Experience in collaborative research with universities and/or other government organizations.
  5. Experience in developing successful scientific research proposals for funding opportunities.


English is essential

  1. Ability to conduct scientific research in the area of vectors and/or vector borne diseases as demonstrated in published results in peer reviewed journals.
  2. Ability to plan, direct and manage the work of laboratory personnel.
  3. Ability to develop wet laboratory molecular detection and validation of diagnostic assays.
  4. Ability to effectively communicate complex scientific subject matter orally including presenting scientific results at scientific meetings and international workshops.


Kingsley Amoako, Ph.D
Director, NCAD Lethbridge Laboratory, Science Branch
Canadian Food Inspection Agency / Government of Canada / Tel: 403-382-5505

Directeur, CNMA, Laboratoire de Lethbridge,
Direction générale des sciences
Agence canadienne d’Inspection des aliments /Gouvernement du Canada / Tél.: 403-382-5505

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