PacBio’s 2016 “Explore Your Most Interesting Genome” contest is open

Polling closes on May 1, 2016!

MIT is cordially seeking your support to sequence the genome of the iconic North American firefly by voting for our project (#MYFG4, glowing fireflies) at: this website.. It only takes 5 seconds!! You can find more information about the firefly genome project at: this website.

We are one of the top 5 finalists in PacBio’s 2016 “Explore Your Most Interesting Genome” contest. The winner will be decided by public voting. We are currently trailing behind a plant genome project led by a Chinese team. There have been more than 100 plant genomes sequenced, but only a handful of genomes are available for the entire arthropod phylum.

This project will illuminate how a complex trait like light production evolves in fireflies, and will help guide future efforts to conserve disappearing firefly populations.

We appreciate if you could help spread the word among your colleagues, family, and friends, and encourage them to vote too. One email address can vote once per day till May 1st.

William Barbazuk, University of Florida, Regenerative Spiny Mouse (USA) is the other choice form the USA.

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