Lab technician sought

This is a job posting for a technician with entomological/acarological background to maintain multiple colonies of ixodid ticks. Job Opportunity


This is a full-time position in a laboratory in Atlanta funded by a contract with the BEI-Resources.

The scope of work includes handling laboratory animals (mice, guinea pigs, rabbits – primarily); feeding uninfected and potentially infected ticks on animals; cleaning, counting, transferring ticks and sending ticks to requesters; keeping tick records, …, and so on – full range of tasks and chores needed to maintain tick colonies.

Work experience exactly matching the above description is not expected – the lab will train the successful candidate.

Salary – $41-42K per year.

Expected Starting Date – June-July 2016.

E-mail a resume directly to

Michael L. Levin, Ph.D.
Medical Entomology Laboratory Director
Rickettsial Zoonoses Branch, DVBD
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention
Atlanta, GA

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