Impact Statement Reporting Course announced

e extensionThe work of Extension professionals benefits communities, the economy, the environment and more. By effectively reporting your individual impact, you share your methods and accomplishments with peers and public and advance your organization’s reputation and sustainability.

Description of the Course:

This online Impact Statement Reporting course presents the best practices of educators nationwide who have been training professionals on impact report writing for decades. It was developed by the Office of Professional and Continuing Education at Oregon State University from content provided by the following team:

  • Frances Gould (Louisana State University)
  • Pamela Kan-Rice (University of California Agriculture & Natural Resources)
  • Dave King (Oregon State University)
  • Joanne Littlefield (Colorado State University)
  • Terry Meisenbach (eXtension)
  • Faith Peppers (University of Georgia)
  • Janet Rodekohr (University of Georgia)
  • Suzanne Steel (Ohio State University)

You will learn:

  • What impact statements are
  • How to write them
  • Where to market them
  • How they can help your organization

eXtension’s online format ensures consistency across trainings, allows widespread accessibility and is easy to use for people with busy schedules. The course provides a wealth of examples, resources, readings and assessments to help you become an impact statement expert.

Course Access:

eXtension makes this course available as a Free Benefit for employees of eXtension member institutions. Accessing the course requires a user account on Campus, eXtension’s online course system, as well as the entry of an “enrollment key”–a course admission password. You will obtain the enrollment key by first enrolling in an “enrollment info” course. Click here for streamlined enrollment as a member through our new Catalog system.

When you access this course as an employee of an eXtension member institution, the enrollment key will be displayed on the screen for you. A link on that page will then direct you to the actual course. When creating your account, please understand that your eXtension ID and password do not work at this site, so you will need to create a new login ID following the procedures shown.

Those who are employed by institutions that are not members of eXtension will not use an enrollment key, but can gain access to the course by paying an $80 enrollment fee. Click here to enroll as a non-member.

If you have any problems getting your account created or accessing the course, you are welcome to contact the eXtension Campus help desk directly If you would like to see a preview of this course, check out this free sampler.

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