2016 Survey of most common and troublesome weeds in broadleaf crops, fruits, and vegetables

Thank you for participating in the National and Regional Weed Science Societies survey of the most common and troublesome weeds in the U.S. and Canada. Your feedback is important.

We would like you to list the five most common and troublesome weeds for as many of the cropping systems as you feel comfortable with.  In 2016, we will be surveying weeds in the following crops:

1) Alfalfa
2) Canola
3) Cotton
4) Fruits & Nuts
5) Peanuts
6) Pulses- field pea, chickpea, lentil, etc..
7) Soybean
8) Sugarbeet
9) Vegetables- Cole crops
10) Vegetables- Cucurbits
11) Vegetables- Fruiting
12) Vegetables- Other

Survey closes April 1.

Common weeds refer to those weeds you most frequently see, while troublesome weeds are those that are most difficult to control (but may not be widespread).

When listing your weeds, please be as specific as possible.  “Setaria faberi” is better than “giant foxtail”, which is better than “foxtail spp.”, which is better than “annual grass”.As a reference, WSSA’s Composite List of Weeds is at http://wssa.net/weed/composite-list-of-weeds/

For questions or comments, please contact Lee.VanWychen@wssa.net 

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