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Pest Alert: Sudden Oak Death

image of infected oak tree leavesThe causal agent of sudden oak death (SOD, also known as Phytophthora canker disease), Phytophthora ramorum, was first identified in 1993 in Germany and The Netherlands on ornamental rhododendrons. P. ramorum was isolated in June 2000 from dying trees in California. Since its discovery in North America, P. ramorum has been confirmed in forests in California and Oregon and in nurseries in California, Oregon, Washington, and British Columbia.

thumbnail image of sod fact sheet Download and read the Sudden Oak Death fact sheet produced by the North Central Region Integrated Pest Management Center (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 259 kb).

Alerta Nacional de Plagas: Muerte Súbita del Roble por (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 440 kb)

Examples of existing state Phythophthora ramorum detection plans for homeowner plants:

Washington State University's web site includes a list of 5 triage questions for master gardeners to ask clientel with suspect plants in its SOD pdf file (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 268 KB).

Oak Mortality Task Force Master Gardener Simplified Question Key 2004 (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 76 KB) has a list of 14 questions for triage of suspect plants.

Illinois Sudden Oak Death/P. ramorum Blight Detection and Response Plan (March 2005) (Adobe PDF, 480 kb)

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Download the list of CAPS State Plant Health Director Contacts (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 56 KB).

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PRED Program meeting minutes

Download the agenda (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 68 KB) and minutes (Adobe Acrobat PDF, 96 KB) from the July 26th, 2004 teleconference on Sudden Oak Death.

Download the agenda and minutes from the August 10th teleconference to initiate state-based planning sessions.

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