In addition to its staff, the North Central IPM Center's agenda, priorities, and projects are subject to the review and recommendations of its advisory panel and steering committee. Together, these volunteer groups are made up of stakeholders from various disciplines and leadership expertise, and bring diverse perspectives to the pest management mission. Current members of both the advisory panel and steering committee can be found here.

Advisory Panel
The North Central IPM Center advisory panel consists of members with diverse expertise who have a stake in the mission of the NCIPMC. The Advisory Panel provides broad vision and guidance to the NCIPMC staff and links our organizations to stakeholder needs and priorities for improved pest management in the region. Moreover, the advisory panel is an important avenue for NCIPMC outreach. Advisory panel members explain and promote the NCIPMC to their own constituencies and beyond. Finally, the advisory panel affords its members the opportunity to communicate with and learn from each other. 

Steering Committee
The North Central IPM Center steering committee members are selected to represent specific IPM stakeholders in the region and nationally. The North Central IPM Center selects a member that represents each of the following categories of stakeholder: 1) regional organizations (for example the North Central Extension Association and NCERA groups); 2) communications experts; 3) underserved groups; 4) industry; 5) extension; 6) Working Groups; and 7) sister programs (EPA, IR-4, etc). 

As the North Central IPM Center’s policy-setting body, the steering committee advises NCIPMC staff on timely and effective management; approaches to signature programs; partnerships; ways to gather priorities and impacts; and strategic planning. The steering committee's small size, historical perspective, and representative structure keep it nimble and enables it to provide general direction for NCIPMC activities. It meets in person annually and via conference call as needed.