North Central IPM Center Coordinators
Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, North Dakota, South Dakota, Missouri, Kansas, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Nebraska, Wisconsin

Lynnae Jess
Michigan State University
Jess has been involved with the NCIPMC since 2002, previously co-directing the center with the University of Illinois. Jess will manage the NCIPMC working groups and critical issues grant programs, as well as administer the center’s signature programs. She will also represent the center and its interests to regulatory agencies.
Laura Iles
Iowa State University
Iles assists Jess in administering the center’s competitive grant programs. She will also coordinate the centers’ pest alert publications and coordinate responses to pesticide usage information to the EPA, and coordinate regional crop profiles and pest management strategic plans. In addition to co-directing the North Central IPM Center, Iles directs Iowa State University’s Plant & Insect Diagnostic Clinic (PIDC). 
Daren Mueller
Iowa State University
Mueller will act in an advisory role to the NCIPM Center. Mueller is an associate professor and extension plant pathologist at Iowa State University. He is also the coordinator of the ISU Integrated Pest Management (IPM) Program. Mueller’s main research interests involve understanding the biology and management of field crop diseases.
Ethan Stoetzer
Communications Specialist
Iowa State University
Stoetzer will manage and provide the communications services to the center through developing content, strengthening internal communication channels, as well as promoting IPM initiatives beyond the scientific community. Stoetzer also manages the communications branch of the Iowa State University Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program.


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