2006 Annual Meeting – East Lansing, MI

The 2nd annual Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group conference was held at the Henry Executive Center in Lansing (http://www.bus.msu.edu/edc/home.cfm) near the campus of Michigan State University, February 22nd and 23rd.

2006 Presentations (all saved in Adobe PDF, viewable but not printable)


Presenter Topic
Mohammad Babadoost Phytophthora Blight of Cucurbits and Peppers: Occurrence and Management
Beth Bishop Aster Yellows Infectivity Testing Program
Amanda Gevens Monitoring surface water for Phytophthora capsici
Ron Goldy SWMREC Tomato Research Summary
Edward Grafius Resistance monitoring in Colorado Potato Beetle
Jim Jasinski Precision insecticide banding in cucurbits
Janice LeBoeuf Waste Sugarbeet Project Year 1
Liz Maynard Pumpkin Update: Irrigation transplant v. seed after double crop wheat
John Mishanec Potato Variety Evaluation for Culinary Uses
Norm Myers Virus survey in Asparagus
Mathieu Ngouajio Use of Brassica cover crops in vegetable cropping systems
Judson Reid High Tunnel Variety Trials (tomatoes, peppers)  plus  Biological Disease Control in Greenhouse Tomatoes
Elaine Roddy Sweet Corn Nitrogen Research in Ontario
Laura Van Eerd Nitrogen use efficiency in vegetable production
Anne Verhallen Cover Crops for Nitrogen Scavenging and Soil Quality
Darryl Warncke P & K Nutrition of onions
Richard Weinzierl Pyrethroid Resistance in the Corn Earworm, Helicoverpa zea
Celeste Welty Efficacy of biorational insecticides on vegetable pests
Celeste Welty Efficacy of systemic insecticide seed treatments on cucurbits for cucumber beetle control


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