2008 Annual Meeting – West LaFayette, IN

The 4th annual Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group was held in West LaFayette, IN on February 27th & 28th.  Local arrangement chairs were Liz Maynard & Chris Gunter of Purdue U. and Rick Weinzierl, Univ. of Illinois.

2008 Meeting Presentations   (Adobe PDF)


Presenter Topic
Richard Weinzierl The North Central Region Corn Earworm Project

GLVWG Introduction

Janice LeBoeuf Identifying the Species Causing Anthracnose of Pepper and Tomato in Southern Ontario
Ron Goldy High Tunnel Tomato Trials: 2005 – 2007
Judson Reid Grafting Greenhouse Tomatoes for Soil based Culture
Mohammad  Babbadoost Cropping Rotations for Management of Phytophthora capsici
Margaret McGrath Increasing Challenges to Effectively Managing Cucurbit Powdery Mildew
Jim Jasinski Great Lakes Vegetable WG 4 Years and Going Strong
Celeste Welty Vegetable insect management trials, 2007
Joe Masabni Herbicide Application under Plastic Mulch
Michael Brewer NRCS & IPM Working Group Update
Elaine Roddy NA
Mathieu Ngouajo Onion Plant Population Study
Brad Bergefurd Southern Ohio Mechanical Harvest Pickling Cucumbers 2006 & 2007
Steve Reiners Misc. Vegetable Update
Margaret Appleby IPM Jeopardy in Reverse
Mark Bennett Seed Production and Seedling Establishment Strategies For Transitional/Organic Cropping Systems
Kyle Brune Horticulture Mechanization


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