2010 Annual Meeting – Columbus, OH

The 6th annual Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group was held at The Ohio State University in Columbus, OH on February 24th & 25th!

Lodging was at the Hilton Garden Inn Columbus University Area, and our meeting was held at the Fawcett Center just down the road. The local arrangements chair was Jim Jasinski plus other Columbus based folks.

2010 Meeting Presentations


Presenter Topic
Mark Bennett Vegetable Transplant Tactics for Improved Crop Establishment
Norm Myers 2009 International Asparagus Conference Report
Dan Brainard Strip-tillage and Compost Effects on Carrot Culls and Yield
Natalie Bumgarner Aerial and root zone effects on fall / spring grown lettuce yield and quality
Jim Jasinski Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group Quick Update – 2010
Rick Foster Bringing IPM To Afghanistan
Mary Gardiner Evaluating the biocontrol and pollination services supplied to community gardens and urban spaces
Ron Goldy Tunnel Production of Container Grown Tomatoes
Jim Jasinski Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group Heirloom Tomato Project ’09
Meg McGrath Late Blight
Matt Kleinhenz OSU Extension/City Fresh Urban Market Gardener Training Program
Matt Kleinhenz Tomato grafting
Hal Kneen Bringing Research and Food Safety to the Vegetable Growers
Joe Kovach Modular Ecological Design A Fruit and Vegetable Polyculture System for Urban Areas
Meg McGrath Cucurbit powdery mildew NC IPM mini grant project
Mathieu Ngouajio Enhancing biodiversity in perennial cropping systems
Dan Pavuk The Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group Regional Sweet Corn IPM Survey: What Are Hundreds of Growers Saying About IPM on This
Stephanie Short Examining the effect of root zone temperature stress and mycorrhizal
inoculation on red onion
William Steenwyk European Chafer
Celeste Welty Gardener Survey


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For more information about joining the Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group, please contact Brad Bergefurd, Ohio State University Extension, IPM Program.

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