2011 Annual Meeting – Leamington, ON

The 7th annual Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group meeting was held in Leamington.  Both the University of Guelph’s Ridgetown College and Ohio State University actively planned for this event.

2011 Meeting Presentations


Presenter Topic
Ron Goldy 2010 SWMREC High-Tunnel Trial
Judson Reid Winter High Tunnel Pest Management
Meg McGrath Cucurbit Powdery Mildew and Basil Downy Mildew
Haddish Melakeberhan A Soil Health Strategy for Managing Beneficial and Plant- parasitic Nematodes in Vegetable Production Systems: Food-for-thought
Mathieu Ngouajio Low Tunnels for early vegetable production and high profits
Margaret Appleby Leek Moth Update
T.Q. Zhang Nutrient Optimization for Processing Tomatoes with Drip Irrigation/Fertigation
T.Q. Zhang Nitrogen Management for Sweet Corn Production
Fred Springborn Western Bean Cutworm In Dry Beans
C.S. Tan Effect of surface and sub-surface drip and fertigation on commercial scale processing tomato production under coarse and heavy textured soil
C.S. Tan Effect of four drip irrigation water levels on processing tomato yield and quality
Janice LeBoeuf A Quick Tour of the Essex-Kent Region
Marion Paibomesai Bulb and Stem Nematode in Garlic
Janice LeBoeuf Corky Root Rot in Ontario tomatoes
Christoff Kessel P Management in Muck Soils
Laura Van Eerd COVER CROPS: Nitrogen, Weeds, Insects, Disease, Soil Quality, and Economics
Evan Elford Assessing the Potential for Ethnic Vegetables in Ontario
Melanie Filotas When Good Guys Go Bad!
Mary Gardiner GLVWG Project 2011: Biocontrol in Vegetable Crops
Mary Gardiner Arthropod communities and ecosystem services in urban vacant lands
Jim Jasinski Pumpkin Seeds: A Locally Produced Healthy Snack Food



Where : The Roma Club in Leamington, ONT

When: The GLVWG annual meeting will be held March 9-10 (full day on the 9th and half day on the 10th).  Following that meeting, starting after lunch, will begin the IPM Summit on High Tunnels meeting.  The IPM Summit meeting will end on March 11 before noon.

Lodging: The Seacliffe Inn, Leamington, ONT.  Lodging will be provide from March 8-10 for attendees.


Contact Us

For more information about joining the Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group, please contact Brad Bergefurd, Ohio State University Extension, IPM Program.

E-mail - bergefurd.1@osu.edu