2017 Annual Meeting – St. Paul, MN

The 13th annual Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group meeting was held in St. Paul, MN University of Minnesota agricultural campus, February 27 – March 1, 2017.

2017 Meeting Presentations

Presenter Topic
Lynnae Jess Update on North Central IPM Groups and SNA results
Ben Phillips East Michigan vegetable update
Carol Ishimaru Update on Pectobacterium of potato in the Midwest
Ajay Nair Conservation tillage in vegetable production systems
Elizabeth Buck Advancing the utility of cereal rye as a living mulch
Sara Bratsch Emerging viruses in fresh tomato production in MN
Judson Reid High tunnel pruning evaluations: cucumber & cherry tomato
Karl Foord Native pollinators in blueberries
Matt Kleinhenz Soil balancing update from Ohio
Zachary Hayden Effects of strip tillage and compost with zonal cover

cropping in organic vegetables

Ron Goldy Southwest Michigan vegetable update
Janice Leboeuf Update from Ontario
University of Minnesota hosts Tour of the UMN Bee Lab


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