2016 Annual Meeting – London, ON

The 12th annual Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group meeting was held in London, Ontario at The Upper Thames River Conservation Authority in Fanshawe Conservation Area, March 2 – 3, 2016.

2016 Meeting Presentations

Presenter Topic
Deanna Németh
Christoph Kessel
Kevin VanderKooi
Mary Ruth McDonald
Phosphorus in Organic Soils under Vegetable Production in Ontario
Elaine Roddy Bacterial Spot of Pumpkins and Squash
Elaine Roddy Overview of the Ontario Vegetable Industry
Ontario Pesticide Education Program Protecting Human and Environmental Health through Certification and Training
Erik Draper When is Blossom-End Rot not Blossom-End Rot?
Mike McFarland
Celeste Welty
Could a Trap Crop be used for Squash Vine Borer Management?
Jacqueline Kowalski
Eric Barrett
Urban Agriculture Updates and Trends in Northeast Ohio
Brad Bergefurd Hops Production in Ohio
Ron Goldy Ups and Downs of Field Research at SWMREC in 2015
Kevin Vander Kooi
Mary Ruth McDonald
Ahmed Abdelmagid
Michael Tesfaendrias
Management of Fusarium Root Rot on Carrots
Nicholas LeBlanc Tomato Leaf Mold in the Midwest
Jim Jasinski
John Schoenhals
Investigating the Use of Aerial Imagery to Detect Pests in Cucurbits
Michael Celetti Studies on Abamectin for Stem and Bulb Nematode Management in Garlic
Molly Dieterich Mabin
Celeste Welty
Mary M. Gardiner
Biological Control of Cucumber Beetles
Nicole Hoekstra Heavy Metal Soil Burdens in Cleveland, OH: Implications for Urban Agriculture
Larry G. Olsen North Central IPM Center
Cornell Cooperative Extension Preventing Crop Losses to Swede Midge on Small-Scale Organic Farms
High-Tunnel Tomatoes
Swede Midge
Allen M. Gahler Northern Ohio Sweet Corn Variety Trial


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