2014 Annual Meeting – Amherst, NY

The 10th annual Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group meeting was held in Amherst, NY.

2014 Meeting Presentations

Presenter Topic
Brad Bergefurd 2014 Annual Meeting
Thomas Bjorkman A transdisciplinary approach to developing an Eastern broccoli industry
Elizabeth Buck Cool Season Pest Management
The Ohio State University Extension An Update of Urban Agriculture in Cleveland
The Ohio State University Extension Northern Ohio Sweet Corn Evaluation
Jim Jasinski Spotted Wing Drosophila in Ohio
MSU Extension Field Veggie Staff Field Veggie
Robert Hadad Creating Educational Programming with Practical Solutions for Small Scale Wash Stations and Post-Harvest Water Management
Megan Burley Erie Green Shoots For New Americans
Judson Horticulture Judson Conference
Julie Kikkert Herbicide Resistant Weeds in Processing Carrot Fields
Liz Maynard Nitrogen Update 2013 Processing Tomatoes
Margaret Tuttle McGrath Growing Tomatoes Successfully: Varieties Resistant to Late Blight a Key
Scott Monroe Research, Education, and Advocacy for the Indiana Produce Industry
Christy Hoepting New methods for managing slugs in cabbage
Chelsea Smith Hop production in Ohio
Ben Phillips Oilseed Radish as Cover Crops in Saginaw, MI
Elaine Roddy Rhizoctonia Belly Rot of Cucumbers
Suzanne Mills-Wasniak Vacant to Vibrant Dayton, Ohio Urban Agriculture Project
 Jean Haley  North Central IPM Center Evaluation


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