Cucurbit IPM Program Development for Great Lakes Expo (2007)

At the 2007 annual meeting, a Project Committee was formed to undertake developing a Cucurbit IPM program at the 2007 Great Lakes Expo in Michigan. Although not focusing exclusively on pumpkin, this program stems from the steady focus we have had within the WG on cucurbits in addition to the region wide pumpkin IPM survey which identified additional IPM training as a high priority. The program was designed initially as a set of 4 disciplines (weed science, pathology, entomology, etc) each containing 1.5 hours of programming. This is subject to change pending further discussions and decisions of the committee. Please contact committee Chair Elaine Roddy (OMAFRA) for any questions related to the program.

Look for this committee to develop and communicate a timeline of activities to be accomplished leading up to the Expo, with possible requests for specific help in program planning. Two reasons for holding this program at the Great Lakes Expo include it is an early meeting with traditionally high attendance, plus we intend to package the information presented in such a way as to be used in other statewide vegetable congresses or schools.

The following cucurbit IPM presentations were made at the 2007 Great Lakes Expo.  You can watch them online or request a copy of the DVD from Jim Jasinski while supplies last.

Soil and Nutrient Requirements of Cucurbits:Part I
Elaine Roddy, Agronomy, Ridgetown College, Ontario, Canada
Time: 15:49

Soil and Nutrient Requirements of Cucurbits:Part II
Darryl Warncke, Crop & Soil Sciences Dept., MSU
Time: 32:14

Biology, Sampling Methods, and Thresholds for Insect Pests of Cucurbits
Rick Foster, Entomology Dept., Purdue Univ.
Time: 31:28

Insecticides for Cucurbits: Efficacy, Mode of Action, and Resistance Management
Richard A. Weinzierl, Crop Sciences Dept., Univ. of Illinois
Time: 32:16

Challenges of Powdery Mildew, Leaf Blights and Other Diseases
Meg McGrath, Plant Pathology Dept., Cornell Univ.
Time 70:02

Fruit Rots of Cucurbits: Incidence and Management.
Mohammad Babadoost, Crop Sciences Dept., Univ. Illinois
Time: 27:15

Strategies for Weed Control: Stale Seedbed, Tillage or Plasticulture
Leslie Huffman, Ontario Ministry of Ag and Food, Ontario, Canada
Time: 16:29

Problematic Weeds in Cucurbits
Bernard Zandstra, Horticulture Dept., MSU
Time: 33:46


Cucurbit IPM Program Project Committee


Name Institution Expertise
Elaine Roddy, Chair OMAFRA Vegetable Crops
Rick Weinzierl University of Illinois Entomology
Bill  Steenwyk Michigan State University Vegetable Specialist
Ron Goldy Michigan State University Vegetable Specialist
Phil Tocco Michigan State University  
Chris Gunter Purdue University  
Mohammed Babbadoost University of Illinois  


Resource/DVD/IP Video Technical Committee


Name Institution Expertise
Jim Jasinski Ohio State University Entomology
Liz Maynard Purdue University Horticulture


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