Sweet corn IPM Workshop for Great Lakes Expo (2008) & DVD

For the second year in a row, we developed an IPM workshop for the 2008 Great Lakes Fruit and Vegetable Exposition in Michigan. The 2008 workshop will be held in December, and is focused on sweet corn. Members of the GLVWG gave six of the nine presentations. In addition to the live presentations, we created 1,000 DVD’s and an online version of the sweet corn IPM workshop presentations to be distributed free to growers and IPM Coordinators around the region.

The following sweet corn IPM presentations were made at the 2008 Great Lakes Expo.  You can watch them online or request a copy of the DVD from Jim Jasinski while supplies last.

Sweet Corn Insect Management and Guidelines
Richard A. Weinzierl, Crop Sciences Dept., Univ. of Illinois
Time: 44 Min.

CEW Monitoring Network: Migration and Resistance Updates
William Hutchison, Entomology Dept., Univ. of Minnesota
Time: 30 Min.

Management of Ear Invading Insects with Bt Sweet Corn
Galen Dively, Integrated Pest Management Specialist, Univ. of Maryland
Time: 23 Min.

Stewart’s Wilt, Resistant Hybrids, and Other Control Methods
Mike Meyer, Crop Sciences Dept., Univ. of Illinois
Time: 19 Min.

Sweet Corn Genetics: History, Current and Future
Derrill Kregel, Rispens Seeds, Inc., Beecher, IL
Time: 21 Min.

Sweet Corn Quality Management Preplanting to Delivery
Matt Kleinhenz, Horticulture & Crop Science Dept., The Ohio State Univ.
Time: 37 Min.

Variety Performance 2008
Liz Maynard, Northwest Commercial Hort Program, Purdue Univ.
Time: 17 Min

Weed Control and Herbicide Injury
Mark Van Gessel, Plant Science Dept., Univ. of Delaware
Time: 37 Min.

Nutrient Management, Plasticulture, Seed Treatment
Stephen Reiners, Horticultural Science Dept., Cornell Univ.
Time: 31 Min.


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