Heirloom Tomato Multi-Site Demonstration Trial (2009)

The GLVWG is coordinating an Heirloom Tomato Evaluation Demonstration trial at 16 locations around the region.  The goals of this demonstration are to determine how a variety performs with respect to insect and disease pressure from the northern to southern range of the region. Preliminary yield and fruit quality data will also be taken for each variety.  Along with this information, sensory data such as cosmetic appeal and taste preference will be collected for each of the ten varieties.  Photographs of the plants and fruit, both whole and sliced, will be taken.  This data will then collated into a single publication available for growers to use in terms of selecting varieties that are likely to be successful in their market location.

Heirloom Tomato Demonstration Reports – Overall and by State

9 Site overview Illinois Indiana Michigan Minnesota New York

Ohio-Columbus Ohio-Piketon Ohio-S. Charleston Pennsylania

Heirloom Varieties

1. Amish Paste
2. Brandywine ( Sudduth/Quisenberry)
3. Opalka
4. Oxheart (Livingston’s)
5. Rutgers
6. Peron [Gary Ibsen]
7. Cherokee Purple
8. Jaune Flammee
9. Burbank [Gary Ibsen]
10. Tainan

Pictures of heirloom tomatoes (240 MB, 80 pix)

Data sheets and general information about the project can be found at the links below.

Site requirements, pest management guidelines Pest management data sheet


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