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Minnesota Fruit And Vegetable Growers Association
Contact: Marilyn Nysetvold Johnson, Exec. Coordinator


non-profit organization committed to Minnesota’s fruit and vegetable growers and related agri-businesses.

The Minnesota Vegetable Growers Association was formed in 1952 to encourage and
improve vegetable growing and marketing in Minnesota, to provide a means for grower
education and cooperation with educational institutions to further research, and to promote and
advance the vegetable industries.

In 1984 the association changed its name to the Minnesota Fruit and Vegetable Growers
Association. The educational emphasis expanded to include both fruits and vegetables.
The Minnesota Berry Growers Association officially joined the MFVGA in 1992.


– To encourage and improve fruit and vegetable production and marketing.

– To distribute useful and practical information on growing, marketing
and storing of fruits and vegetables.

– To hold educational meetings and provide a showcase for vendors and
their products or services.

– To encourage consumers to purchase Minnesota Grown quality fruits and vegetables.

– To encourage cooperation between agricultural groups.

– To work with educational agencies in furthering research.

Bay Valley Foods
Contact: Terry Meredith
Phone: (800) 236-1119

Bay Valley Foods is a leading supplier of shelf stable foods, including pickles, relish, non-dairy coffee creamers, cheese sauces, pudding, syrups, and special sauces. We’re in the business of providing customers with quality private label products and strong regional brands. In addition, we’re a leading supplier of foodservice products and industrial ingredients for a variety of popular food products.

Come see why Life is Good in the Valley!

Fresh Vegetable Growers of Ontario
Contact: Sue McLarty
Phone: 519-674-1581
Fax: 519-674-1512

Here is our address:
Ag Business Centre
120 Main St. E.
Ridgetown, ON N0P 2C0

Hartung Brothers, Inc.
Contact: Wayne Wells, Field Support and Tech Support Manager
Phone: 608-829-6000

Hartung Brothers, Incorporated is a family owned and operated agribusiness. We have been developing a wide range of solutions for agriculture’s producers and processors alike since 1975.

Hartung Brothers has offices in Madison, Wisconsin ; Arena, Wisconsin; Bowling Green, OH; Portland, Oregon and Uvalde, Texas .

Hartung Brothers offers agriculture contracts for vegetables (snapbeans , sweet corn, cucumbers, carrots , greens, peas, beets) and seed corn to both farmers and processors.

We are also a Midwest regional supplier of liquid and dry fertilizers. Our fertilizer division offers wholesale nitrogen solutions and custom blended mixed liquids from several Midwest fertilizer terminals .

H & N Logistics, LLC , an affiliate of Hartung Brothers, provides trucking services for vegetable raw products, liquid and dry fertilizers and machinery.

Take a few moments to look around our site, and please contact us if we can be of any service to

Illinois Vegetable Growers Association
Contact: Dennis Alten, President
Phone: 815-943-6892


Promote, Protect, and Educate those in the vegetable growing industry.


The Illinois Vegetable Growers Association was formed in 1930 in Peoria, Illinois and was active from 1930 through 1963.

The IVGA was reactivated in 1975 to provide growers information and protection from new rules and regulations (Illinois Health Department, OSHA, New Labor Laws, and more regulations on pesticides).

In 1983, the IVGA helped develop and support University of Illinois St. Charles Horticultural Research Center.

In 1990, IVGA became an affiliated member of Illinois Specialty Growers Association.

Indiana Vegetable Growers’ Association
Contact: Liz Maynard
Phone: 219-785-5673
Fax: 219-785-5483

The Indiana Vegetable Growers Association (IVGA) is dedicated to the improvement of commercial vegetable production and marketing in Indiana. The organization sponsors an educational program at the Horticultural Congress held annually in Indianapolis. Members of the Association receive a copy of the Midwest Vegetable Production Guide for Commercial Growers (ID-56) and a subscription to the Vegetable Crops Hotline. Members are eligible to subscribe to the American Vegetable Grower magazine at a substantial discount and receive a discount on registration fees for the Horticultural Congress. Industry/Corporate memberships are available for those involved in supplying seeds, plants, supplies and equipment to the vegetable industry. To join IVGA, use the attached membership/order form.

Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board
Contact: John Bakker, Executive Director
Phone: 517-669-4250
Fax: 517-669-4251

We are dedicated to spreading the good word about the virtues of asparagus, one of nature’s most perfect foods.

The Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board seeks to promote the production and consumption of asparagus grown in Michigan as well as to assist in the agricultural research and development of asparagus farming.

Dive into our site to find more interesting information, useful nutritional data plus delicious recipes for your home and organizations!

Michigan Potato Industry Commission
Contact: Ben Kudwa
Phone: 517.669.8377
Fax: 517.669.1121

Click to request a subscription to the Weekly Potato Report it’s free and only available to Michigan Potato Growers with E-mail or Fax capability. As a Michigan potato grower you should already be receiving the monthly publication Potato News Line if not please let us know so can receive this free publication.

Michigan Asparagus Advisory Board

Contact: John Bakker, Executive Director

Phone: 517-669-4250

Fax: 517-669-4251



Midwest Food Processor A ssociation
Phone: 608-255-9946
Fax: 608-255-9838

Food Processing, like most businesses, is fast-paced, complicated and time intensive. MWFPA works to save each of its Members time and money. That’s why Members have found that the Association is truly their business partner. Generally and specifically, MWFPA works in the areas of government relations, issue advocacy and representation, education and networking, information access and problem solving in many functional areas. Members benefit from staff’s high level of expertise and attention to individual member concerns, thereby saving time and money (click on Association Profile ffor more information). Membership in MWFPA is a partnership that focuses on Member needs. Join today. Let us go to work on helping you solve your problems!

Ohio Vegetable and Potato Growers
Contact: Tom Sachs
Phone: 614-246-8290

To unite University researchers, Extension specialists, and growers in ways that maximize production efficiency and economic return.

Ontario Processing Vegetable Growers
Phone: (519) 681-1875
Fax: (519) 685-5719

Primary Function: Annual negotiation of prices, terms and conditions of sale of 13 processing vegetable crops on behalf of growers. Processors then contract their requirements directly with the individual growers of their choice.

Crops Involved: Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Sweet Corn, Green Peas, Green & Wax Beans, Carrots, Cauliflower, Cabbage, Beets, Peppers, Pumpkin, Squash and Lima Beans.

Resources: Growers have committed approximately 1% of their annual gross returns which generates approximately 1 million dollars annually primarily for the purpose of sourcing market data and industry information.

Potato Growers of Michigan, Inc.
Contact: Ben Kudwa
Phone: (517) 669-8377
Fax: (517) 669-1121

Potato Growers of Michigan, Inc. (PGMI) was created in 1991 as an informational outreach resource to decision makers in the legislature and the Michigan Department of Agriculture. The organization is not a political action Committee (PAC); rather an advocate for Michigan potato growers to make sure reliable economic information and sound science is available to decision makers in Lansing on issues that impact growers. PGMI has been shown to be a reliable witness in such matters and is often called on for its input. The association gives the Michigan potato industry the ability to interact and have legislative impact. It is a volunteer membership association incorporated as a 501-C 6 corporation. Members elect the Board of Directors for two-year terms. Yearly membership dues are $1 per acre of potato production. Associate member dues for other industry leaders are $200. An industry sustaining membership is $500 per year.

Red Gold, Inc.
Contact: Steve Smith
Phone: (765) 754-7527
Fax: (765) 754-3230

This is our mission statement and all of our energies are focused toward achieving it! Red Gold Inc., a family owned and operated business for over half a century, specializes in producing the highest quality tomato products available anywhere. Because our company prides itself on consistent quality and attention to detail, demand for Red Gold products has grown tremendously. Currently our facilities produce a wide variety of products, including the Red Gold brand, more than 400 private retail and food service brands, as well as for co-pack, government and export.

Wisconsin Potato and Vegetable Growers Association
Phone: (715) 623-7683
Fax: (715) 623-3176

The Wisconsin Potato & Vegetable Growers Association was established in 1948. Although potatoes have been grown in Wisconsin from much longer than that, it took a group of dedicated men with great foresight to organize and unify the growers of the state. In doing so, those pioneers made the industry stronger and economically viable for generations to come.


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For more information about joining the Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group, please contact Brad Bergefurd, Ohio State University Extension, IPM Program.

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