GLVWG Timeline of Events and Activities


Date Activity
June, 2012 GLVWG begins working on Natural Enemy App
March, 2012 GLVWG Funded for 2012-13
Jan. – Feb., 2012 Natural Enemies Workshop at NY, OH, MN, and PA
Dec., 2011 Natural Enemies Workshop at Glexpo
Nov., 2011 Natural Enemies Factsheet and Video completed
April, 2011 Begin Bio-control video and workshop projects
Feb., 2011 Annual meeting at Leamington, Ontario
Nov., 2010 Conduct 5 part Season Extension Pest Management webinar series
Nov., 2010 Received funding for 7th year
Apr., 2010 Planning for webinars and workshops on season extension underway
Mar., 2010 6th year funding awarded
Nov., 2009 Completed Heirloom Tomato trial
Apr., 2009 Began Heirloom Tomato trial – 16 sites
Mar., 2009 Presented Poster “Assessing IPM Adoption in Processing Tomato Growers” at 6th International IPM Symposium, Portland, OR
Mar., 2009 Received notification for continued funding of the GLVWG
Feb., 2009 Held the 5th annual Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group meeting in Geneva, NY
Dec., 2008 Pressed and distributed 1,150 Sweet Corn IPM Workshop DVD’s throughout Great Lakes region containing speakers presentation
Dec., 2008 Developed Sweet Corn IPM Workshop at Great Lakes Expo in Michigan – 4.5 hours of material from 9 speakers
Nov., 2008 Presented Poster “Assessing IPM Adoption in Processing Tomato Growers” at National Entomological Society of America mtg, Reno, NV
Nov., 2008 Distributed over 2,000 copies of Sweet Corn pocket guide throughout Great Lakes region
Nov., 2008 GLVWG Released Sweet Corn Pest Identification and Management pocket guide
Mar., 2008 GLVWG, 4th Year Renewal
Feb., 2008 4th Annual Meeting, Purdue University
Dec., 2007 Developed Cucurbit IPM Modules for Great Lakes Fruit, Vegetable, and Direct Marketing Expo
Dec., 2007 Pressed 1000 DVD’s of Cucurbit IPM Workshop Modules
Dec., 2007 Presented Regional Grower Pumpkin IPM Adoption Survey in San Diego, CA at national Entomology Society of America conference
Mar., 2007 3rd Annual Meeting, Ontario, Canada
Oct., 2006 IPM Surveys Completed, Begin Data Analysis
Mar., 2006 GLVWG 1st Renewal
Feb., 2006 2nd Annual Meeting, East Lansing, MI
Jan., 2006 IPM Surveys Released Online via
Oct., 2005 IPM Survey Project Committee Formed
Feb., 2005 1st Annual Meeting, Columbus, OH
Jan., 2005 Creation of GLVWG Website
Oct., 2004 GLVWG Formed from Tri-State Meeting Participants

Funded by NC IPM Center

GLVWG listserv assembled (ca. 150 specialists)

Includes 10 States / Provinces:

IN, KY, MI, MN, ND, NJ, NY, OH, Ontario, WI

Includes 11 Institutions of Higher Learning:
Cornell, Guelph, Purdue, Kentucky, Michigan State, Minnesota, North Dakota State, Ohio State, Ridgetown College, Rutgers, & Wisconsin

Steering Committee


Name Institution Area of Expertise
Hannah Stevens Michigan State University Horticulture / Extension
Janice Leboeuf OMAFRA Horticulture
Vicki Morrone Michigan State University Organic Specialist
Mike Orzolek Penn State Horticulture
Vince Fritz University of Minnesota Horticulture
Steve Reiners Cornell University Horticulture
Laura Van Eerd Ridgetown College Horticulture

Executive Committee

Name Institution Area of Expertise
Jim Jasinski Ohio State University Entomology / IPM
Rick Weinzierl University of Illinois Entomology / IPM
Janice LeBoeuf OMAFRA Vegetable Specialist


Contact Us

For more information about joining the Great Lakes Vegetable Working Group, please contact Brad Bergefurd, Ohio State University Extension, IPM Program.

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